Who Are We?

image.png Introducing Zeeshan Mustafa, a highly-skilled and experienced senior information security consultant and a passionate bug bounty hunter. With certifications in PNPT, CRTP, CRTO and CAP Zeeshan has been actively involved in bug bounty hunting since 2015, and is constantly striving to stay up-to-date on the latest security techniques and trends. Zeeshan Mustafa has also participated in multiple CTF events and secured 2nd position at DIGITAL PAKISTAN CYBERSECURITY HACKATHON 2021 [SafeCottage - Team]

Zeeshan Mustafa is an expert in mobile, web and red teaming security, and is proficient in using a variety of tools and techniques to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities. Additionally, Zeeshan Mustafa has in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, including secure coding principles and application hardening, and is able to provide valuable insights into the security of various systems.

With Zeeshan Mustafa on the team, clients can rest assured that their information is always secure and protected. Zeeshan Mustafa is dedicated to using technology to solve complex security challenges and will always strive to provide the best possible solutions.

Achievements Offensive-Security HoF Department of Defense US HoF Microsoft HoF YesWeHack HoF Cobalt.io HoF Sony HoF Asus HoF Intel HoF AliBaba Security Team HoF & many more

haseeb1.jpg Muhammad Haseeb

Haseeb is an Offensive security enthusiast working as an Informational security consultant, WIth a curious mind and passion for Information security, He has acquired several certifications such as OSCP, VHL, etc. He actively participates in CTF events and has a "Hacker" Rank on Hackthebox. Worked and helped many companies to secure their infrastructure by performing pen-testing and red team exercises. Life long learner, always looking to meet and collaborate with like-minded people in the infosec community. Skilled in Web, Infrastructure security assessment, and Red teaming. In his free time, Haseeb participates in bug bounties and CTF events.