Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP) - Review

Certified Red Team Professional (CRTP) - Review


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Hey All, this blog post is a review of CRTP certification by alteredsecurity which is one of the greatest certifications on red teaming and Active Directory pen-testing.

If you want to learn or sharpen your Active Directory penetration testing skills then this course is a gem for you. Before CRTP I did PNPT certification by TCM-Security and I'm a PNPT certified PNPT cleared my concept of Active Directory pen-testing mostly attacking the AD environment from Linux but CRTP is more focused on pen-testing AD with Windows Powershell which is a bit boring in the starting but when you start using Powershell it gets interesting.

The course content of CRTP is a complete guide to pentest an AD environment it includes everything you need to perform in your AD pentest. Before attempting the CRTP exam I studied the course contents and did some labs and got a good grip on using PowerShell and PowerShell scripts for enumerating the AD environment like Powerview, powerup and others so I got an internal Pentesting project including their Active Directory environment and I used all of the techniques I learned from CRTP course indeed I can say it was really helpful the pen-testing project was like the CRTP labs I became a Domain Admin in 2 days of pentest most of the techniques and methodologies explained in CRTP are based on the real-world environment it not just like any other CTF type exam. The exam was really hard and realistic and I enjoyed a lot solving the exam machines I'm a fan of the exam machines they were great and challenging and you will find most of the explained topics in the exam machine so I would like to suggest that don't skip any topic in the course all are important and necessary to watch if you skip any of them you might miss the important part and on the exam day you may face some issues regarding the attacks. So Long story short The course material is enough to learn and practice but if you want to learn more and practice AD pentest and different attacks or exploiting misconfigurations on the AD environment then try tryhackme's Active Directory modules as well besides this.

I do appreciate Altered security and Nikhil Mittal for this amazing course and I do highly recommend CRTP if you want to learn Active Directory pen-testing. Their course contents and labs plus exam labs are based on real-world environments, not just CTF-type machines.